College Students:  Charting Your Course

BKD College Students - Charting Your Course

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As you start your professional career at BKD, the opportunities are endless—and so are the choices. We have some valuable guidance to help you make these important decisions. Below you’ll find information about our internships, how to apply for and excel in an interview and what to expect once you decide to join the BKD team. Go ahead … chart your course.

Recruiting Process

The process of joining the BKD team usually begins on your college campus. BKD actively seeks candidates at more than 100 colleges and universities within our 15-state footprint. If you attend one of these schools, we hope you’ll participate in some of our on-campus activities, which range from networking socials and accounting club presentations to on-campus and in-office interviews.

Our recruiting teams want to get to know you and show you why BKD is a great place to start your career. Whether you’re a freshman still exploring the accounting field or a junior starting to get serious about internship opportunities, we hope you’ll spend some time with us when we’re on campus.

If BKD doesn’t visit your campus, there are other ways to learn about us and explore a career with our firm. Check our job listings and apply directly or simply indicate your interests by joining our talent community.

The Interview Process

Our interviews are typically a two-part process. The initial interview likely will take place on campus in your university’s career center. It also may be a phone interview or a meeting over lunch or coffee. Regardless of the venue, we want to use this one-on-one time with you to learn more about your background and your career interests and whether BKD could be the right fit for you. We also want to make sure you learn as much as you can about us so you can make good career decisions.

After the initial interview, you may be invited to visit a BKD office for additional interviews. During these interviews, you’ll have the chance to meet many of our people, from new associates to partners, and find out more about that office’s specific practice. You may tour the office, enjoy lunch with associates and experience our culture firsthand. We hope you’ll leave this visit with a full understanding of what BKD has to offer as you start your career. Shortly after the interviews, you’ll learn whether you’ll be receiving an employment offer.

Build a Strong Résumé

  • Organize your information
  • Highlight your strengths and experiences and include extra skills you’ve gained along the way
  • Include information about what you’re seeking, e.g., a spring internship, a full-time audit position, etc.
  • Proofread it—clerical errors are costly

Preparing for the Interview

  • Find out as much as you can about BKD from our website, your career center, your faculty, other students and BKD employees
  • Be prepared to discuss your strengths and experiences and other skills you’ve picked up along the way
  • Take advantage of career center resources and do your own research on interviewing skills and appearance
  • Review possible questions and practice answering them
    • Why public accounting?
    • Why BKD?
    • What courses did you enjoy most, least?
    • Grades and achievements
    • Other college activities
    • Work experience—how has it prepared you?
    • Career goals
  • Be prepared with questions you should ask BKD
    • Firm growth
    • Industry trends
    • Variety of experience
    • Average promotion time
    • Work atmosphere
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Attend pre-interview functions such as career fairs and socials—be sure to introduce yourself and show interest
  • Gain experience by interviewing with other companies; it will improve your skills and widen your perspective

After the Interview

  • Send a thank you note—this detail can differentiate you from other candidates
  • Review your impressions—is BKD the firm for you?
    • Think about all the aspects of the firm
      • Office culture
      • Firm culture
      • Personalities
      • Travel
      • CPA exam
      • Career path
      • Firm growth
      • Expectations—both yours and BKD's


A BKD internship offers hands-on public accounting experience and shows you how the theories and principles of accounting are applied to many types of businesses. An internship is an opportunity for you to get an inside look at BKD and public accounting, and it's an opportunity for BKD to get to know you.

As an intern, you'll have the same responsibilities as full time, first-year associates and the same opportunities to work with BKD partners and other professionals on a variety of client engagements.

What to Expect

Interns work for BKD during a fall, spring or summer semester and then return to school to complete their studies. Some interns work part time while taking classes, but most devote full time to the internship. Opportunities for internships vary by school and depend on the needs of each BKD office.

Audit & Tax Tracks

BKD offers audit and tax internships that provide you with real-world experience and help you better understand the theories and practice of accounting. You'll develop effective working relationships and friendships with professionals who may become your future co-workers.


Internships are designed for junior and senior accounting majors with a 3.0 grade point average or better who have completed intermediate accounting classes and, if possible, an introductory tax class. You’ll be expected to understand the concepts and applications presented in these classes at your college.

You’re not limited to a single internship. If your college schedule and graduation plan allow for multiple semesters off-campus, you may apply for another BKD internship.

Your BKD Buddy

Before you start, your BKD buddy will contact you. Your buddy is a resource to answer questions and show you the ropes so you can hit the ground running at BKD with confidence. Don't worry; your buddy will expect a lot of questions.

Compensation & Fringe Benefits

You will receive competitive pay for interns, and any overtime worked will be paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate. You’ll be paid twice a month and, as a temporary employee, will receive partial benefits, and you’ll be eligible for our overnight travel award.

How to Apply

Contact your school's accounting department or career center, or meet with a BKD recruiter to find out what internships are available for your preferred location and time. You can also review our current openings here. You’ll need a current résumé and transcript to complete the application process.

Summer Leadership Program

Get a head start on your career and experience all BKD has to offer by participating in the firm’s summer leadership program.

  • Explore the world of public accounting firsthand
  • Enhance your leadership skills to prepare for the challenges ahead
  • Interact with experienced advisors and young professionals
  • Immerse yourself in our culture of unmatched client service
  • Position yourself for campus and career success

Apply today, and let us help you harness your potential. Program dates vary across the firm’s offices. Contact your career services center or a BKD campus recruiter for more information.

What Activities Can I Expect?

  • Networking opportunities with peers and firm leaders
  • Community service projects
  • Interactive sessions focused on teamwork and leadership skills
  • Visits to BKD client locations

What Are the Benefits?

  • Get to know our firm and envision yourself as part of the team
  • Gain an understanding of the daily life of our audit and tax teams
  • Develop skills and gain knowledge you’ll need to succeed in public accounting
  • Get the inside track on future intern and associate positions at BKD

Camp BKD

New hires from throughout the firm spend several days together building their skills and immersing themselves in the BKD culture. Time and again, former campers say the top benefit is forging personal and professional relationships with peers from around the firm.

Office Orientation

Your introduction to BKD begins with three days of orientation in your local office. This will help you settle into your new environment, understand employee benefits, learn about office and firm policies and prepare you for the training to come and your first days on the job. Then you’re off to Camp BKD.

Heading to Camp

At camp, you’ll learn about The BKD Experience of unmatched client service and our PRIDE values:  passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence. You’ll also receive in-depth technical training and learn the BKD approach to providing attest and taxation services.

The Real World

As a brand new audit or tax associate, you’ll attend training courses designed to prepare you for a successful career at BKD. A hallmark of our learning and development programs is the foundational education you receive during your first weeks of employment. Everything you learn during office orientation and camp will prime you for the real world of accounting and help you confront your first assignments with confidence.

CPA Exam

If you’ve already passed the exam, great! It’s out of the way and you can proceed with your career. But, as one of our new associates recently said, “No other CPA firm I looked at was as serious as BKD about passing the CPA exam.” If you haven’t yet passed, BKD offers the following CPA exam study resources.

Becker CPA Review

BKD pays for your enrollment in the Becker CPA Review course (live or Internet-based). If you meet Becker’s continuing participation requirements, you can retake sections of the course at no cost.

We believe the sooner you get your CPA credentials, the sooner you demonstrate to co-workers and clients your mastery of key accounting, auditing, tax and business concepts. We know it’s not easy, but we also know it’s extremely gratifying when you do pass the exam, and it opens doors to future career opportunities.

Additional Resources

We provide additional time off for exam sittings during your first two years of employment. We also offer a financial bonus if you pass the CPA exam before or during your first two years of employment.

Career Advancement

BKD's audit, tax and consulting personnel have a career track that leads from entry level to partner or managing director in approximately 12 years. We also offer a robust performance management program that includes regular feedback, coaching and goal planning.

Audit & Tax Track

  • Associate
  • Senior Associate I & II
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Director
  • Partner/Principal or Managing Director

Consulting Track

  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant I & II
  • Managing Consultant
  • Senior Managing Consultant
  • Director
  • Partner/Principal or Managing Director

WSU Accounting Scholarship Application

BKD, LLP, a national CPA and advisory firm, can help individuals and businesses realize their goals. Our dedicated professionals work from offices in 16 states, offering solutions for clients across the country and internationally. BKD and our subsidiaries offer clients a variety of services in accounting, audit and assurance, tax, risk management, technology, corporate finance, forensic and valuation services and wealth management.

BKD recognizes with the ever-increasing level of complexity in professional standards and the demands on the public accounting profession, it is critical to attract the best student to consider careers in accounting. As a result, we're offering up to $8,000* in academic scholarships to students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in accountancy from Wichita State University. The BKD Accounting Scholarship is being offered to enhance the student's educational experience and promote consideration of careers in public accounting.

Please submit your completed application to For questions or additional information, please contact Emily Newton at 816.489.4009 or at Deadline is April 1, 2018.

*No portion of any amount received represents payment for services (or future services) by the student required as a condition for receiving the scholarship.

Download WSU Scholarship Application Here

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