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Business Succession & Continuity Planning

Prioritizing & Planning for the Future with Your Goals in Mind

Privately held business owners have invested significant time and energy in their business to build value. And deciding when and how to transition the business can be a source of stress or anxiety.

Surveys show business owners view succession and continuity planning as one of their most important issues, but most lack a formal plan. The day-to-day distractions of running a business and not knowing where to start often prevent owners and management teams from developing successful succession plans. We can help you define your next steps and then implement your plan. BKDnext® is our business succession and continuity planning approach to identifying your goals and connecting you with specially trained advisors who can facilitate your vision.

BKDnext is both an established methodology and pool of resources that gives you access to experts no matter which plan you create. Our team includes employee stock ownership plan technicians, buy-side and sell-side professionals, valuation experts, family office advisors, strategic management consultants, and traditional audit and tax professionals.

Our three-phase approach starts by collecting pertinent facts and perspectives. We then help you identify and prioritize issues and work closely with you to implement your plan and achieve your goals.

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Our BKDnext advisors have the knowledge, training, tools, and resources to develop a succession plan that’s tailored to your needs. By facilitating the process, we can help make efficient use of your time while developing a holistic succession and continuity plan that’s focused on the uniqueness of you and your business. We look forward to taking the next step with you by helping you turn your dreams into reality.


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