New Federal Regulatory Requirement Deadlines

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 02, 2020
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BKD’s telecom consulting group is reaching out to clients and BKD Thoughtware® subscribers during these difficult times with a reminder of ongoing federal regulatory requirement deadlines over the summer months.

Some approaching due dates include:

  •  June 12
    • NECA Rate Floor Data certifications for member companies that receive legacy high-cost support (for companies not receiving ACAM support)
  • June 16
    • Copies of CAF ICC data due June 16 to FCC, USAC and state commissions (NECA files with FCC and USAC for member companies in NECA’s Traffic Sensitive pool)
  • July 1
    • FCC Form 481 must be certified by a company officer and received by USAC 
    • Copies of Rate Floor Data provided to FCC, USAC and state commissions (NECA files with FCC and USAC for its member companies)
  • July 31
    • Submit long-distance CIC usage to NANPA
    • 2019 Cost Study deadline and 2020-1 HCL USF Data Collection Form deadline 
      • For all legacy cost companies (non-ACAM cost companies) 
      • For model-adopting cost companies receiving support based on the Alaska Plan, A-CAM I, A-CAM I Revised and A-CAM II that didn’t elect the FCC’s Business Data Services option  
  • August 1
    • Submit FCC Form 502 Numbering Resource Utilization/Forecast to NANPA
    • Submit second-quarter 2020 FCC Form 499-Q Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet to USAC

Disclaimer: This list captures some of the most common federal compliance requirements. It may not be all-inclusive for all clients and doesn’t specifically include state filings.
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your BKD Trusted Advisor or submit the Contact Us form below.

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