Cash Flow Best Practices to Help Subcontractors

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 01, 2019
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In a robust market, cash shortfalls can sneak up on you. These best practices can help subcontractors enhance their cash flow in a growing and competitive construction market and proactively identify and manage potential shortfalls. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Subcontractors can be the most sensitive to changes in the market or on a specific job because they’re furthest away from the payment cycle. However, there are multiple areas subcontractors should address to help improve their cash flow such as a robust forecasting model, understanding the payment terms of the contract and the parties involved, identifying KPIs relevant to cash management, and leveraging your existing relationships.

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BKD is a Principal Partner of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). This resource first appeared in CFMA Building Profits and was posted on with permission. BKD Trusted Advisors are regular contributors to this publication.

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