Dynamics 365 Business Central - What’s New: April 2019 Major Release

Thoughtware Article Published: Mar 04, 2019
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Recently, more information has emerged about the major updates to the newest Dynamics 365 Business Central release. I’m excited to share the latest details on the improvements made to the user experience and ad hoc reporting capabilities. I’ve highlighted several enhancements that caught my eye as big wins for the end-user.


In a callback to my Dynamics GP days, nostalgia and functionality abound; the addition of SmartLists will allow users to query data on list pages. SmartLists help users search for and find data in ways a list view can’t.

Improved Scrolling & Load Time

Users can now scroll unhindered to any position in the list using the keyboard or scroll bar, without ever pausing at the "fetching more rows" message. This feature appears seamless when scrolling at a pace where rows can be comfortably read.

Quick Entry

Microsoft’s Quick Entry improvement will help streamline the entry of transactions by making the process as "mouse-free" as possible. The user will use the Tab or Enter key to navigate to required or essential fields.

Increased Character Limit for Names & Descriptions

You can now enter up to 100 characters (formerly 50) in all Description and Name fields across Business Central.

Save List Views (Filters)

Users can now save their list filters and similar personalizations to create different ways of slicing their data. List views are given a name, such as "Items I sell," and might include filters on totals and dimensions, filter tokens (such as %MyCustomers) to dynamically filter to the right data and different sorting options, allowing more complex and tailored list views.

Notes & Links

Users will be able to add internal notes to business data captured and processed in Business Central. Notes are displayed next to the card data, and users can add, edit and delete notes. Users also can include internet links accessible from data cards, opening more advanced extensibility scenarios.


External Document Number of Posted Sales Documents

When customers call to inquire on the status of their purchase order, you typically must search through the list of posted sales invoices and shipments by the customer's purchase order number. The purchase order number is stored in the External Document Number field on the related sales order and is transferred to posted sales invoices and shipments.

You can now search through the list of posted sales shipments or invoices by external document number.

Vendor Invoice Numbers

With the April 2019 Dynamics 365 Business Central release, users will be able to view the vendor invoice number on the Purchase Invoice and Credit Memo lists. A Vendor Invoice Number column will be added to these pages.

Use a Sales Quote Validity Policy to Control When Sales Quotes Expire

You can now set a date formula in the Quote Validity Calculation field on the Sales & Receivables Setup page that will be used to calculate the Quote Valid Until Date field on sales quotes.


Item Descriptions on Item Ledger Entries

When analyzing item ledger entries, it’s useful to also see the item description. The Description field can now be added to the Item Ledger Entries page.

Bulk Import Item Pictures

You can now import multiple item pictures in one go. Simply name the picture files to correspond to your item numbers, compress them to a ZIP file and use the Import Item Pictures page. Alternatively, you can use the Set Up Item Pictures assisted setup guide.

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