Dynamics 365 Business Central - April 2019 Major Release Memo

Thoughtware Article Published: Mar 28, 2019
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It’s almost time for the Dynamics 365 Business Central major release. Use this memo as a guide on how to set your organization’s acceptable update window. Microsoft will be applying the update during the time frame set at the end of this document. There currently are no options to control the date of the update, only the time. Contact us with any questions or comments.

  1. Use the Global Search to locate the Web Services page.Web Services
  2. Right-click on any ODATA V4 URL and copy link address.
    Example of a link address: https://api.businesscentral.dynamics.com/v1.0/0ae4a3ee-7ee1-438a-beac-881ec0c98e33/ODataV4/Company('CRONUS%20US')/nativeInvoicingSalesTaxSetup
  3. Paste your link address here:
    We can now locate your Tenant ID from the pasted URL. Please use the highlighted example above as a guide. Your Tenant ID will be the string of characters and numbers between “/v1.0/” and “/ODataV4” as highlighted in the example above. Make sure to use your Tenant ID and not the one in the example.
  4. Replace the “XXXXX” with your Tenant ID in the following URL:
  5. Take your new URL and paste in a browser to log in to the Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center.
  6. Select the Production Environment to highlight, and click the Upgrade Settings menu option.Production Environment - Upgrade Settings
  7. Set your Start and End times and click Save.Save Settings


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