How to Create Attachments to Posted Journal Entries

Thoughtware Article Published: Jan 19, 2018
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During an often hectic month-end closing, some journal entries are posted before the necessary supporting documents are attached. When attempting to create the attachment to a posted journal entry, the New button isn’t active.

Journal New


Journal New

Your system administrator can fix this issue related to posted journals and allow for attachments at the batch and line level.

Initial default setup of the Active document tables will be empty. Adding a couple of tables and marking the tables as always active will allow for attachments to posted journals. The Active document table form is found in the Document management section of the Organizational administration module.

Document management

Note the table name in the application object tree (AOT) for 9007 Journal lines is LedgerJournalTrans. The table name in the AOT for 9615 Ledger journal table is LedgerJournalTable.

Once these tables are marked always enabled, you can navigate back to your posted journal and create your attachment as normal.

always enabled

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