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Thoughtware Article Published: Oct 01, 2017
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The Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) was implemented in 1997, making local number portability in the U.S. and Canada a reality. It was mandated by various Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) rules and orders that the NPAC become the telecom industry's common authoritative database used for routing, rating and billing calls for telephone numbers no longer assigned to the original NPA-NXX code holder.

The NPAC’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Daily & Ongoing Data Administration
    • Administering ported telephone number data, service provider network data and audits
  • Mass Changes
    • Area code splits and local routing number transfers
  • Billing & Cost Apportionment
    • Determining the allocation of NPAC charges and rendering approximately 11,000 invoices each month to collect those charges—the allocation applies to nearly all NPAC charges and is based on the billed parties’ relative end-user telecommunications revenue

Other NPAC responsibilities include:

  • Interactive Voice Response System
    • Used by U.S. law enforcement agencies and public safety answering point providers to identify the current facilities-based service provider of ported and pooled telephone numbers
  • Local Number Portability Enhanced Analytical Platform Service
    • Used by U.S. law enforcement agencies and public safety answering point providers to identify the current facilities-based service provider of ported and pooled telephone numbers on a batch basis
  • Intermodal Ported Telephone Number Identification Service (Wireless Do Not Call)
    • Used by U.S. telemarketers to identify telephone numbers that have been ported from wireline to wireless service to avoid violations of laws and rules against auto-dialing telephone numbers

The NPAC’s operation will be transferred from Neustar to Telcordia Technologies, Inc. d/b/a iconectiv (iconectiv) from now through part of 2018. This transition follows an FCC order selecting iconectiv as the next Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA). Any organization using the NPAC must register with iconectiv. This includes telecommunications and telecommunications-related service providers, law enforcement agencies and users of Wireless Do Not Call services. Any provider, agency or end-user that accesses the NPAC through a service bureau should contact the service bureau to verify its providers are registered and ready for the transition. In addition to mechanized service providers, every service bureau is required to register and participate in testing. No testing is required for help desk users.

NPAC users need to register with iconectiv as early as possible during the transition process to provide adequate time to test the new system.

If users don’t intend to conduct any testing of the new NPAC, they should register with iconectiv no later than October 31, 2017. The cutovers to the new iconectiv NPAC are scheduled to begin in March 2018 for some services and the initial region, with all services and regions completed during May 2018. However, this schedule may change.

To be ready for the transition, service providers must have completed registration with iconectiv by August 31, 2017, if they planned to test their interfaces. Otherwise, registration needs to be completed no later than October 31, 2017. However, service providers are asked to register as soon as possible for a smooth transition. Service providers can’t participate in testing without first registering with iconectiv.

Service providers planning to test their interfaces with the iconectiv NPAC are being set up and scheduled at this time for testing, which started August 2017. Completing registration as soon as possible will give service providers a better chance of scheduling testing at a more favorable time. Testing for nonrequired service providers is optional but recommended by the new iconectiv NPAC.

Users of Wireless Do Not Call services and law enforcement agencies must complete registration with iconectiv by November 30, 2017, if they plan to test their interfaces. If no testing is planned, registration needs to be completed no later than December 31, 2017. Testing for these users will be scheduled to begin in December. Law enforcement services and Wireless Do Not Call services are scheduled to cutov

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