How the Cloud Can Create Unity Within NFPs

Thoughtware Article Published: Sep 25, 2017
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Today’s not-for-profits (NFP) often are spread across multiple departments, projects, sites and funding streams, helping them increase their positive effect. However, it also makes cohesive management a much larger challenge.

In the absence of a system that can provide real-time visibility and organizationwide coordination, NFPs are at risk of compromising their goals. Resources may be directed to ineffective initiatives. Preventable obstacles may lead to setbacks and frustrations. Strategic planning may become inefficient and ineffective.

There are cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems specifically designed to help NFPs achieve the unity they require. These systems combine comprehensive dashboards, intuitive tools and expansive customization opportunities. Together, those capabilities help NFPs of all shapes and sizes work in a coordinated and cohesive way.

These are just a few of the benefits that come with cloud-based ERP solutions:

  • Monitor Financial Health – Careful financial management is a priority for both managers and donors. Many cloud-based solutions provide transparency into every kind of transaction while making comprehensive audits easy. Maximizing each dollar’s value is much simpler when key financial metrics are automatically tracked in real time and visible to every stakeholder.
  • Preserve Regulatory Compliance – The penalties for breach of compliance can be catastrophic for an NFP. Cloud ERP solutions are secure and help make the necessary reporting steps and other regulatory requirements more efficient and reduce errors.
  • Document Collaborative Communications – Crucial communications can get lost in the myriad technologies used in today’s offices. ERP solutions help create a shared communication platform that brings everyone into the conversation and preserves it.
  • Gain Top-Down Perspective – With so many moving parts in play, NFP managers dedicate too much time and energy simply trying to establish facts and figures. Cloud ERP solutions can help these managers prioritize the information they want and need to see, then bring it together in one location to serve as an instantly authoritative resource.
  • Grow with Confidence – Any time an NFP takes on a new initiative, it complicates the management stream already in place. The cloud is as flexible and scalable as it is powerful, making it easy for NFPs to pursue ambitious agendas without worrying about the stress they’ll put on existing systems and structures.

Sage Intacct

To fully illustrate what it can do, the designers of Sage Intacct*, a next-generation ERP system, created a video highlighting key features at work in real-world scenarios. We encourage all NFP managers to view this video to get a better sense of Sage Intacct in action. If you're impressed, contact BKD Technologies to explore your implementation options.

* As of August 3, 2017, Sage Group officially acquired Intacct Corporation. The product formerly known as Intacct will now be referred to as Sage Intacct.

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