Happy Father's Day

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 18, 2017
Dad and son in a canoe

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked our advisors to share some sage financial wisdom they received throughout the years from their dads. These words helped shape their financial lives and guide them down the path of assisting others as they work to reach their financial goals.

We hope everyone has a Happy Father’s Day!

“My dad, often inadvertently, provided a lot of good financial advice. Growing up, he was a terrific role model on the careful management of resources, money and material items. As one of eight children raised on a small farm, he learned to take care of what he had. Whether a car, tools or clothes, he always makes sure things are well-maintained. He never throws anything out. He is just as careful with money. A terrific saver, he is very prudent on spending money.” - Steve Martin

“My father was a preacher, so we didn’t have a lot of money growing up; but I was always told to help those less fortunate.” - Lynn Mayabb

“I worked a part-time job in high school at the mall about four hours a night. I made $4.25 an hour and would routinely spend $8 or more on dinner in the mall food court. My dad found this out and asked me why I ate the mall food instead of packing my own dinner from home. I said it was just easier. He then made me run the numbers: While I was making $17 a night, I was spending almost half on food. He then posed the question, ‘So after four hours of your time, you get some food and about an extra nine bucks. Does that sound like a good use of your time?’ I started taking my own dinner to work.” – Matt Wahl

“Watch your pennies and eventually they will add up to dollars.” – Amy Frizzell

“My father always encouraged me to save half of all the take-home money I made in odd jobs and babysitting when I was young. It really made an impact on me about how much you can do in your life if you practice good savings habits.” – Shelly Titus

“Spend less than you make. Don’t spend money you don’t have.” – Travis Knight

“When faced with a large purchase decision, my dad encouraged me to do my research. He discouraged me from making impulse buying decisions. He would ask me to consider how the purchase might affect my savings, how it might impact other priorities, if the item was a want or a need and if it was being offered at a reasonable price. I still make these decisions using his advice today.” – Justin Wheeler

“Money is a blessing. Remember where it comes from. Give, save and then spend. And at 7 years old, he told me, ‘Your mother is a schoolteacher, and your father is a pastor. You’re going to college. Start saving.’” – Beth Boylan


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