Still Using Management Reporter? BI360 Can Take Your Business One Step Further

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 20, 2016
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Microsoft recently announced it will no longer develop its Forecaster budgeting tool and Management Reporter (MR) financial report writer. If MR works for your needs, it’s still available and a solid solution supported by Microsoft. Similar to a solid “B” employee on your team, you know what to expect:  He or she will be consistent and deliver on time, but you won’t see any growth or maturation. Since MR isn’t fully going to the cloud and has other limitations, BKD has been working with Solver to provide clients with a better solution for their reporting needs.

Solver’s BI360 offers a solution with capabilities including Excel and web-based General Ledger and subledger reporting, budgeting, dashboards and a preconfigured data warehouse. Use the entire suite or mix and match the modules you need. BI360 is the first full Business Intelligence suite that combines the familiarity and flexibility of Microsoft Excel with real-time enterprise resource planning access as well as a powerful Data Warehouse (Microsoft SQL Server) to gather all of the organization’s important information in a single, easy-to-manage database. End-users have anytime, anywhere access from Excel, a modern Web Portal or Mobile Application.

Watch this video to see how BI360 works with Dynamics to provide enhanced visibility into your business.

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