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Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 03, 2016
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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be a hassle for many employers working to implement the correct system or workflow to help with accurate reporting. That’s why Microsoft is offering solutions to meet these challenges head-on. With Dynamics Payroll Inspector, Benefits Enrollment module, Tax Filing Center and Year-End solution, ACA complexities are easier to navigate.

ACA Tracking – Dynamics Payroll Inspector for ACA

This solution integrates with GP Payroll and doesn’t specifically require the use of GP Human Resources. As an ACA compliance solution, Dynamics Payroll Inspector will review employee payroll transactions and apply the ACA’s full-time rules to determine each employee’s full-time status. Based on the determination, Dynamics Payroll Inspector will recommend whether the employee should be offered coverage and will notify you when that coverage should be offered. This process accounts for special new-hire and leave rules such as FMLA or breaks in service. Dynamics Payroll Inspector also will review payroll deductions or HR plan codes to determine whether coverage is properly offered to employees under the ACA, prompting alerts if the provision of coverage is missing, isn’t adequate or isn’t affordable. Whenever an alert is triggered, edits are available to update employee and dependent coverage information directly through Dynamics Payroll Inspector, which updates GP. At year-end, Dynamics Payroll Inspector will then generate the appropriate IRS codes for 1095-C forms.

Full Service ACA – Benefits Enrollment Module

The Dynamics Payroll Inspector upgrade leverages full power of the Employee Services Portal to simplify your employee’s benefits enrollment. Using a seamless integration between the hosted employee portal and Microsoft Dynamics, the Benefits module allows for simple, trouble-free collection of employee elections for health insurance, retirement, life insurance and other benefits. Administrators easily can review, accept and apply election changes that will update all required information in Dynamics, including assignment of benefit and deduction codes. A full ACA engine with Key Performance Indicators helps you continually offer coverage throughout the year in accordance with IRS regulations. The Benefits Enrollment module also will create the 1095-C forms, which will be presented on the Employee Services Portal for distribution, handling end-to-end, full-service ACA compliance.

1095 Forms & 1094 E-Filing – Year-End Forms & Greenshades Tax Filing Center

To round out the ACA process, Greenshades also offers distribution and e-filing services through the Year-End Forms and Greenshades Tax Filing Center. If you’re using ACA Compliance Tracking, Payroll Inspector ACA or Benefits Enrollment, through Greenshades, ACA data will be directly synchronized to Greenshades Year-End Forms for 1095-C creation. If you’re not using ACA Compliance tools through Greenshades, there are two options:

  • Greenshades Year-End Forms can pull data directly from GP HR year-end tables for clients who are tracking ACA through GP HR tables.
  • Data can be uploaded via Excel template directly into the Greenshades Year-End Forms application. Once 1095-C forms have been provided to recipients, the 1094/1095-C can be directly e-filed directly with the IRS using the Greenshades Tax Filing Center 1099/1095 license.

E-filing is quicker and easier than paper filing—and it’s mandatory for businesses filing 250 records or more.

If you’re looking for an easier way to handle the ACA, contact your BKD sales representative today to learn more about Greenshades.

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