Become a Part of Something Bigger: Microsoft Dynamics Is More Than Just ERP Software

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 29, 2016
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In this video series, we’ve demonstrated that Microsoft Dynamics integrates well with other software, gets you up and running quickly and helps simplify your business processes. But Microsoft Dynamics isn’t just a business management solution—it’s an induction into a larger community of business owners and employees who share a common bond of finding ways to run a better business and save time for more important things in life like family or hobbies outside of work.

This installment of our whiteboard video series showcases the unique community and world-class support available to Microsoft Dynamics customers. Users have a variety of resources available when they need them, plus a network of blogs, user groups and community forums for 24/7 support. Convergence, our annual customer conference, gives you a chance to extend your business connections to thousands of Microsoft Dynamics users and learn from the experiences of the real experts—other customers.

Microsoft Dynamics helps connect you with other small and midsize businesses around the world. Businesses grow by sharing ideas and experiences, and it’s our goal to foster these connections and help our community thrive.

Want to see Microsoft Dynamics in action? Take a test-drive today or register for an upcoming webinar to learn more.

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