Telltale Signs You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks: Growing Pain No. 9

Thoughtware Article Published: May 13, 2016
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QuickBooks has helped you go beyond a pen and paper to automate processes and better manage your business—there’s no question about that. However, QuickBooks has its limitations, and you have to combine it with other systems to keep your business afloat. Although the familiar clicking of keyboards may sound productive, disparate software programs reduce productivity and limit insight into overall business operations.

Growing Pain No. 9:  Your Most Valuable Asset—Your People—Isn’t Living Up to Its Potential

Your business needs people, and your people need powerful tools. If your employees spend their time mindlessly re-entering data into QuickBooks and other business software instead of making business decisions, you could be losing money in more ways than you know. Redundant data entry not only takes time, it can lead to mistakes and bad data. You know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks if your team is handling data multiple times and taking unnecessary steps to get through everyday tasks.

Now imagine an all-in-one, robust solution that allows you to handle everything from financials to project and services management to human resources and payroll. Imagine an integrated solution that offers in-depth insight to connect your team, strengthen communication stifled by disparate software programs, reduce repetitive data entry, protect data integrity, save time and improve productivity. Look no further than Microsoft Dynamics. This solution can help your people work smarter, not harder, giving them access to data specific to their day-to-day jobs so they can become even more productive at the office, at home or on the road.

Agile workplace strategies are becoming increasingly important for businesses. According to the Telework Research Network, 67 percent of employers have reported improved productivity due to telecommuters. What’s even better, Microsoft Dynamics works like—and with—the Microsoft Office productivity tools your employees already use, enabling them to get started and become efficient faster.

Ron Wollner, president at Computer Data Source, points out the efficiency of Microsoft solutions:  “We quadrupled our business without adding people to the finance and IT departments. Much of the credit for that goes to our use of Microsoft Dynamics.”

Transform the way you work and support your most valuable asset—your people—to improve productivity and drive business growth. Take the next steps to see the product in action or learn more about Microsoft’s cloud or on-premises solutions for small and midsize businesses. And remember to join us next week as we explore Growing Pain No. 10:  Entry-Level Accounting Is Holding You Back.

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