Don’t Get Trapped by ERP Vendors Contracts That Hold Your Data Hostage

Thoughtware Article Published: Mar 24, 2016
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Like all strategic investments, choosing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution or business management software for your small or midsize company involves a degree of risk. The goal is to reduce the risk by being deliberate in the selection process.

Predictable Costs Can Help You Reduce Business Risk

Revenues can dip when the economy hits a soft patch. But what if your revenue fluctuates seasonally? What if you’re a startup or you’re still building your revenue base in a new market? In situations like this, unpredictable costs add risk. The same is true for costs that escalate even when revenues don’t. The right business management solution can help you manage or avoid fixed or unpredictable IT-related costs for deployment, operation, scaling, maintenance and upgrading.

A carefully chosen business management solution provides you with options for achieving cost predictability through flexible licensing arrangements and stable, use-based subscription rates. Be deliberate in your negotiations so that upgrades, software fixes, service packs and updates are included in your subscription, giving you greater cost predictability. You even may be able to negotiate service level agreements for security or high availability. Finally, watch out for first-year discount prices that lure you in but then increase, especially with vendors that control your data.

A Microsoft Business Solution Offers Cost Predictability You Can Count On

Contending with fewer surprises can help you more accurately and confidently budget ongoing expenses and shield your business from disruptive and even dangerous cost fluctuations. Microsoft offers a business solution with a protected list price that serves as the basis for your future service plan renewals.

Purchase or licensing costs are just one part of business solution costs. In addition, it’s critical to learn about future costs for implementation services, maintenance, training and upgrades. Many Microsoft Dynamics partners offer fixed-scope rapid implementations at predictable costs that include initial licenses, deployment and training to help you hit the ground running.

A Microsoft business solution creates other opportunities to trim costs. It’s easy to configure and can smoothly integrate with other line-of-business software and productivity tools you use, reducing the need for in-house IT staff and external technical support resources.

Customer Success Story

Small and midsize organizations around the world trust Microsoft business solutions to help them predict and manage costs in a variety of situations. One such company is SpectrumArt Corporation, which improved its bottom line by bringing cost predictability back into the picture. The company’s former vice president, Maureen Hosey, testified to the quality of Microsoft solutions:  “As soon as I realized there was a small business financial solution from Microsoft, I stopped looking at the alternatives.”

Before you make a decision, it’s important to compare your business needs to the benefits of a Microsoft business solution.

Don't Get Trapped ERP Vendors Contracts Hold Data Hostage

Learn more about Microsoft business solutions, take a product test-drive or register for an upcoming webinar. And watch for next week’s blog post on the importance of choosing a solution with a technology road map focused on small and midsize businesses.

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