The Recipe for Success: Five Ingredients Every Process Manufacturer Needs

Thoughtware Article Published: Dec 01, 2014
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Process manufacturers must increase efficiencies at every operational level to deliver safe, consistent and profitable products. Here are five ingredients process manufacturers must combine to compete in today’s global marketplace and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can help.

1. Effective Recall Management

How quickly can you respond to a recall? Do you have the tools to immediately identify the raw ingredients, finished goods and customers involved? How quickly can you notify customers? What about compliance reporting mandates? Mishandling a recall could have serious repercussions, damage your reputation and profitability and jeopardize your customers’ safety. A rapid and professional response will help preserve customer and investor confidence and protect your bottom line.

2. Integrated Quality Control

Consistent quality is your strongest asset. It’s critical you ensure that required checks and tests are performed, products are within established tolerances and products that don’t meet standards aren’t sold. From raw materials to finished goods and everything in between, quality assurance must be part of your company’s culture and workflow.

3. Lot Traceability & Compliance

Forward and reverse traceability for every item, raw material, ingredient and completed item requires vigilance as well as a tool set geared to handling the task. Are you keeping adequate records to ensure you’re meeting strict compliance mandates, and can you access those records to produce the required documentation?

4. Accurate Demand Assessment

While the ability to accurately assess demand is not unique to process manufacturers, the fact that many products have a limited shelf life makes the need more pressing. Assessing your demand against available inventory and making the correct ordering and production decisions is vital—as is your ability to efficiently and dynamically schedule and adjust work order and routing operations.

5. Recipe & Formula Management

Achieving and maintaining product consistency is vital to your success. Your recipes and formulas may involve multiple levels and routings and include outside vendors in the process. Yields must be accurately calculated and tracked, and production process by-products must be effectively managed. Complex unit-of-measure conversions can complicate accounting.

A Successful Blend

Process manufacturers that successfully blend those five ingredients are better equipped to meet industry demands and grow their profitability; an industry-specific ERP solution is the primary tool to help you achieve this blend.

Sage ERP X3 is a solution with deep roots in the process manufacturing sector. It provides features that address the unique requirements of companies like yours (including the five ingredients above). In addition, it’s quick to implement, easy to learn and use and can deliver a rapid return on investment.

At BKD, we work with process manufacturers to build efficiencies by deploying smart technologies and best practices. Contact our team of professional consultants for more information.

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