Suppress Rows of Zeros in Sage Intelligence Reports

Thoughtware Article Published: Sep 30, 2014
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Are you annoyed when you see a row of zeros on your financial statements? Would you prefer the rows not show up? You can hide the rows by following these steps:

1. Under “Properties” in a standard report, click the “Show Advanced” button.Intelligence1

2. On the “Run Add-Ins” line, select the “…” field.Intelligence2

3. Under “Select Add-In Library,” choose “Alchemex Add-In 1.”Intelligence3

4. Below “Select Add-In Library Module,” choose “General Excel Extensions Module.”Intelligence4

5. Under “Select Add-In Function,” choose “ZeroingII.”Intelligence5

6. Click “OK.”
7. At the “Add-In Function” menu, select “Fill in Defaults.”Intelligence6


8. Select “OK.”

Before you link the template, choose “Un-Link Template,” which allows you to relink the template using the macro-enabled Excel format. Then:

  1. Click “Yes.”
  2. Save the Excel template and choose the macro-enabled format.
  3. Click “OK” and “Yes” to allow the old sheet to be cleared.

You can now run the report without any rows of zeros.

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