Going Green with Document Transmittal in Sage 500

Thoughtware Article Published: Sep 24, 2014

Have you ever thought about sending your transaction documents—purchase orders, sales orders, invoices or statements—by email but have no idea where to begin? Below are the steps for configuring Document Transmittal in Sage 500.

1. Select Common Information | Maintenance | CI Setup | Setup CI Options. Go to the email area to select Exchange or SMTP and enter the email server name.goinggreen1

2. Under Common Information | Maintenance | CI Setup | Setup Document Transmittal, predefine email information such as subject line and text. For this example, we’re setting up an invoice.goinggreen2

Repeat this for each type of document you want to electronically send. If you select an outbox subfolder, you can review your emails before sending.

3. The last step is specifying whether your customer or vendor receives documents by email. (We will be setting up a customer, but vendors are set up the same way under Accounts Payable | Maintenance | Maintain Vendors.)

  • Select Accounts Receivable | Maintenance | Maintain Customers and select the customer record. Click “Document Transmittal” to specify information.goinggreen3

You can specify whether you want a hard copy and/or email. You may choose one of three formats—if you select “Include Other Contacts,” it will email your primary contact plus other contacts set up for the customer. Once complete, click “Save” and close. Repeat for each customer or vendor record.

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