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Thoughtware Article Published: Jul 31, 2014
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Build Efficiency in Your Wholesale Business

Business seems to move at the speed of light for professional and commercial equipment wholesalers. There are always issues to solve and orders to ship. With everything going on, it’s easy to continue with the same processes and procedures that have worked in the past. But, stand still for too long and your resourceful competitors will gain the edge.

It’s time to set the bar higher and invest in a technology infrastructure that helps streamline tasks, standardize workflows, reduce waste and drive efficiencies—Sage ERP X3. It’s a powerful, flexible and cost-effective ERP solution designed to meet the needs of wholesalers like you.

When you’re ready to make your company a market leader, Sage ERP X3 can help you:

  • Optimize inventory – You don’t just lose a sale when you can’t fill an order—your competition gains a sale. By optimizing inventory, you have the best chance of satisfying customers and keeping your competition at bay. Optimization starts with real-time data availability. What’s on order? What sold last month? What do forecasts say? When’s the next shipment due? What’s available to promise? With answers to these questions at your fingertips, you’ll be equipped to respond to customers’ requests and make commitments you can keep.

Sage ERP X3 offers sophisticated inventory management and allocation functionality that delivers real-time data to management and staff, enabling them to make fast, smart decisions that make your company money.

  • Reduce transportation costs – Customers are used to getting it now—they aren’t content to wait a week or more for delivery. In addition, transportation costs continue to rise, but customers aren’t willing to pay more for shipping.

When you can hasten order turnaround and find the most cost-effective shipping method for each order, you go a long way toward satisfying both the customers’ needs and yours.

With a powerful, integrated on-premise shipping solution, Sage ERP X3 can help you reduce shipping costs, improve cash flow and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Engage the customer – Does your sales team have the tools it needs to win and retain profitable customers? Few companies succeed for long without offering great service. One way to boost service is to empower your sales and service teams with the information they need to engage and retain clients.

The CRM module for Sage ERP X3 is fully integrated with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance and manufacturing—delivering a 360-degree understanding of your customers and their preferences, buying habits, service issues and more.

Raise the Bar

Sage ERP X3 is an ideal solution for wholesale companies like yours. It’s a complete, integrated suite of accounting software that can help you:

  • Grow revenue
  • Determine accurate product costing
  • Optimize order processing and shipping
  • Improve business and demand planning
  • Boost inventory accuracy and increase turnover
  • Streamline workflows and procedures

Are you ready to learn more about how Sage ERP X3 can help raise the bar for your professional or commercial equipment wholesale business?

Contact our team of professional consultants for more information.

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