Running Reports from a Shared Network Location in Sage 500 ERP

Thoughtware Article Published: Jul 07, 2014
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Sage 500 ERP client workstations have Crystal Reports documents stored on the local hard drive. When changes are made, the updated documents must be copied to every workstation that has the Sage client installed.

How can we configure this so changes only have to be copied to one place? It’s possible to store all the Crystal forms and reports in a central location for everyone to access.

To accomplish this, follow these steps:

Server or Network

 1. Install all Crystal Reports forms and reports on the server or network.

 2. Create a share point where all users can access the documents. The names need to match the setups on the local drive. Examples include:

D:\Sage MAS 500\GL\Reports

D:\Sage MAS 500\AP\Reports

D:\Sage MAS 500\AR\Reports

D:\Sage MAS 500\IM\Reports

Client Computers

This will need to be performed on each client install.

1. Locate the Application.Config file. It varies depending on the Windows version used. For Windows 7, it’s:  C:\Users\<WindowsLoginID>\Application Data\Roaming\Sage Software\ Sage MAS 500\

2. Change the ReportPath key to the share point you created. The key needs to be within the Client Configuration tag. A default path example (prior to change) is:

Network 1

3. Change the path to reflect where you saved the new reports. For example:

Network 2

Note:  The path must be changed for every new client install.

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