How an Integrated Shipping Solution Can Save You Money: Sage ERP X3 Shipping from SmartLinc

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 17, 2014
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Businesses often combine software applications from different vendors to obtain the best of breed for each application area. This technique is most successful when the various applications can be tightly integrated, reducing duplication and inefficiency.

When Sage teamed up with SmartLinc to offer an integrated shipping solution for Sage ERP X3, they knew the relationship between the applications had to be seamless and efficient. Sage ERP X3 Shipping from SmartLinc is truly a top-notch solution for your organization’s shipping needs. Here are some highlights of the solution as always, we’d be happy to speak directly with you to help you determine if this is the right option for your company.

Benefits of Integration

Using an integrated shipping solution rather than relying on manual processes or a carrier-provided application can yield a number of significant benefits.

Improve Cash Flow

  • Avoid missing billing for a shipment
  • Invoice the same day as shipped

Reduce Expenses

  • Shop rates to find the best freight rate
  • Ship more with less personnel time

Lessen Errors

  • Pulls shipping data from Sage ERP X3
  • Writes appropriate data back to Sage ERP X3

Increase Productivity

  • Use barcodes to speed up the process
  • Potential three-fold improvement over manual or stand-alone system

Matches Your Workflow

Whether you ship from Sales Orders, Invoices or from Deliveries with Declarative Packaging, Sage ERP X3 Shipping from SmartLinc can handle it. Simply scan (or enter) the order/invoice/shipment number to process the shipment and update tracking and freight data. To offer a big-picture idea of the typical workflow, let’s follow a common process, where one ships from a Sales Order.

Customer Service

  1. Creates the Sales Order
  2. Uses Process Shipper to provide a freight estimate to the customer
  3. Chooses a Shipping Method
  4. Sends the Pick Ticket to the warehouse


  1. Receives the Pick Ticket and pulls product from inventory
  2. Scans the Sales Order barcode into Process Shipper, auto-populating shipping screens and generates email notifications
  3. Prints labels
  4. Updates Sales Order with freight charges and tracking number

Warehouse Shipping

The Extras

In addition to providing a robust, integrated, highly functional shipping solution, Sage ERP X3 Shipping from SmartLinc includes features and functionality that make it a smart choice for busy, growing enterprises, including:

  • North American address verification
  • Rate shopping – compare LTL freight costs with transit times and carrier service levels with cost
  • Blind shipping – different return address on shipping label
  • Email notifications to internal and external customers
  • Supports unlimited users and locations
  • Runs in a browser, access anywhere and anytime

Want to learn more about Sage ERP X3 Shipping from SmartLinc? A member of our BKD consulting team would be happy to help you.

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