No Need to Be Discrete About Your Process Manufacturing

Thoughtware Article Published: May 27, 2014
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The No-Compromise ERP Solution for Construction Materials Manufacturers

Many construction materials manufacturers engage in both discrete and process manufacturing. Most manufacturing software engages in just one type or the other—leaving you to manage your business with two or more applications or add multiple manual processes. It’s an inefficient and costly compromise.

You can forget the compromise when you find a purpose-built ERP application that can handle all aspects of your manufacturing—one that is built to handle the complex formulas, batches and lot tracking commonly associated with process manufacturing as well as having the ability to streamline the complete production cycle associated with discrete manufacturing.

Demand to Know More About Demand

Have you lost a sale because you weren’t able to tell a customer if you had sufficient stock available? Has your production line slowed or even stopped when you ran low on a component? Are you paying overtime one week only to have idle employees the next?

When you have effective tools for forecasting demand and efficiently managing stock on hand, you can avoid problems like these. You can order the right amount at the right time, coordinate production with available resources and give both internal and external customers accurate data about what you have in stock and when you’re able to deliver.

Put Data in the Hands of Those Who Need It

As your sales reps go into the field to visit customers and prospects, they need access to the same tools and information that inside reps have. They should have the ability to create new orders and view order history, special pricing, quantities on hand, order status, credit terms, open invoices and commission reports.

Too costly, you say? Too difficult to implement? Not anymore. Today’s mobile solutions are more cost-effective than ever before and require little or no additional IT infrastructure.

The Right Tool

We invite you to learn more about Sage ERP X3, a powerful no-compromise application that works exceptionally well for construction materials manufacturers.

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