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Thoughtware Article Published: Mar 13, 2014
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Integrated solution for Sage ERP X3 streamlines processes and saves money (and trees!)

Electronic Document Management (EDM) has been gaining traction for yearswhat business doesn’t want to reduce its use of paper, save the costs associated with filing and storing that paper and speed retrieval? And costly it is! Consider the following statistics:
• 40,000 – Number of sheets of paper the average worker consumes in a year
• 30% – Portion of the workday the average worker spends looking for documents
• $1,500 – Cumulative annual cost of a four-drawer file cabinet
• 50-70% – Amount of space dedicated to filing and storage in a typical office
• 1 ton – Weight of paper 10 employees use in one year
• 24 – Number of trees required to produce one ton of paper

EDM Makes Good Business Sense
While we all can agree reducing paper is a good idea, new ideas typically are adopted only by businesses when they speed and streamline business processes without adding additional overhead to manage. That’s where EDM for Sage ERP X3 comes in. Sage ERP X3 EDM is a tightly integrated document management solution that streamlines a wide range of business related document processes delivering powerful efficiencies and savings.

Here’s a quick overview of its benefits and functionality; please contact us for full details.

Capture, View, Edit, Attach
Using Sage ERP X3 EDM, you can easily capture, view, edit and attach any and all documents relating to your Sage ERP X3 records. Paper documents can be scanned using optical character recognition (OCR) and then added to the system, indexed using document numbers and keywords.

Search, Retrieve, Share
A powerful search engine allows you to find archived documents quickly and share those documents with stakeholders. Outside of Sage ERP X3, documents can be accessed from a web-based portal. Access levels can be defined to give “external users” access only to selected sections of the document repository.

Secure Archiving
Documents generated by Sage ERP X3 automatically can be deposited in the EDM repository. Invoices, statements, reports and journals—all linked to the originating transaction and stored securely. Even Microsoft Office documents can be stored and associated with the relevant transaction and/or business partner. You can configure the system to print or email and archive simultaneously, further saving time and effort.

Measureable Benefits
Sage ERP X3 EDM delivers real and measureable benefits to an organization, including:
• Saves time on filing, paper handling and envelope stuffing
• Saves costs on stationery, postage, storage space and accessories
• Enhances compliance and improves auditability
• Reduces risk of losing vital documentation
• Uses less paper and leverages an efficient delivery method

We’d love to speak to you about an electronic document management solution for your business. Contact one of our consultants now.

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