What Does a Successful Hotline Look Like?

Thoughtware Article Published: Dec 20, 2013
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To increase value from a hotline, organizations must focus on three areas:  strong implementation, planning and rollout of the hotline; strong leadership to embrace and support the hotline; and a consistent effort to keep the hotline front of mind after the initial rollout.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that prior to “going live” with its hotline, an organization works with a consultant who has deep real-life experience in addressing these key implementation issues. Furthermore, key members of management must embrace the hotline. If a hotline is perceived as being “forced” upon the institution without support from key leaders, achieving full hotline benefits is highly unlikely. Finally, the vitality of the hotline will decline with time unless intentional and focused strategies are designed and executed. Therefore, answering the question, “What does a successful hotline look like?” is not so much about the aesthetic as it is the way an organization takes ownership of its hotline, how seriously its personnel take the hotline and how often they use it.

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