Changing Your Default Path in Management Reporter

Thoughtware Article Published: Nov 20, 2013
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Sometimes it is the simplest things that make our lives easier. In Management Reporter, users can export reports to Excel after reviewing them in the Report Viewer.

export in excel

When a user clicks on the Excel button on the Report Viewer toolbar, a default path appears in the “Export to Microsoft Excel” window. The default is the user’s local documents path, but in some organizations, users may prefer to export the report to a shared drive or a personal network drive. Fortunately, this default path can be changed by each individual user within Management Reporter.

The setting is accessed through the Tools menu in either Report Designer or Report Viewer—the screenshot below shows the “Report Designer” window; select “Options.”

excel microsoft

In the “Options” window, the user can change the default Management Reporter files location. It’s that easy!



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