Dynamics GP DVD Install Disk Does Not Contain the Correct Service Pack

Thoughtware Article Published: Sep 04, 2013
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There are times when you will need to install Dynamics GP from the DVD and you do not have the service pack that is running in your GP SQL instance. When you go to Customer Source or Partner Source to download the DVD install disk, it usually has the most current service pack and does not match the pack you are running. At this point, you have two options. The first option is to install from the DVD, update the SQL server to the new service pack level and then update the GP clients. This will usually require you to schedule the server update for off-hours and require an investment of time to complete. The second option is to download the service pack matching the one currently installed and replace the msp file in the Updates folder in the DVD install.

To accomplish the second option, here’s what you need to do.

This example is for a GP 10 install needing Service Pack 4; the steps are the same for other versions.

1)    Log in to Dynamics GP Customer Source or Partner Source and download the DVD product release for your current GP major version number.

2)    Log in to Dynamics GP Customer Source or Partner Source and download the GP service pack that matches the current GP service pack. To check the service pack version, open the SQL Management Studio and run the following query:

select db_verMajor, db_verBuild from Dynamics..Db_Upgrade where PRODID=0


The verMajor column contains the current GP version number and the db_verBuild column contains the GP service pack version number.

3)    Replace the msp file in the Updates folder, located in the DVD install folder, with the msp Service Pack 4 file for GP 10.

ver major

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