Multiple Department Budgeting in Forecaster

Thoughtware Article Published: Aug 27, 2013
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If you are familiar with Forecaster, you know it’s common to select your department when you enter an input set for budgeting. 


Once you have selected the department, budget the displayed accounts for that one department. This works great when individuals are responsible for a specific department. However, you may have situations where a single user budgets across departments. In that case, you may want to leverage one of Forecaster’s advanced input options.

First, you need to make sure the following option is marked on the Input Set setup (Setup | Budgets | Input Set):


You then need to set up a rollup that contains the accounts you want to budget  (Setup | Segments | Rollups). (This assumes you have more than one; if there is only one, you can skip this step).

Once you have your input set option and rollup (if needed) marked, then you access your input set as you normally would:  (Data | Input). However, on the first screen, change the “Rows are:” setting to All Segments.

data input

When you open the input set, you can use the yellow folder to select your account or account rollup. When you do that, it will automatically explode out to all departments that contain that account. And you can budget just like that.


Note how department 11010 appears first, followed by department 54150. Now, you also can manually add lines to the input set view as well by clicking the blue plus sign.


Then you can manually select different combinations of departments and accounts to budget in the input window. Note that line items will carry over as you are still viewing the same budget but in a different view; however, the HR, Capital and Revenue (Custom) detail tabs are not available in this view.

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