Working with Row Modifiers in Management Reporter 2012

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 07, 2013
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Generally speaking, most financial statements are organized with information appearing in distinct columns, such as actuals, budget, current period and year to date (YTD). However, you may have specific reporting requirements for information to appear in rows instead, such as a row of actuals followed by a row of budget information. You can achieve this through the use of row modifiers in Management Reporter 2012.

First, let’s look at a standard report. Note that different sets of numbers appear in separate columns:

 Working with Row Modifiers

In this example, let’s say I wanted the information to appear in rows instead of columns, like this:

 Working with Row Modifiers


Row modifiers allow you to control the account and book code settings for each row to produce a report like the one above. Row modifiers are applied in the row format of your report.

 Working with Row Modifiers

To apply a row modifier to a row, simply double-click in column one for the row you want to change. This opens the Row Modifier window, where you can choose to apply an account, book code or attribute modifier to the selected row in your row format.

 Working with Row Modifiers


The account modifer and book code modifier drop-down lists display the available options:

 Working with Row Modifiers Working with Row Modifiers


Use an account modifier to override the column layout and display YTD, current period or beginning balances for the row. Account modifier also can be used to offset the base period if, for example, you want to display a number of periods before or after the base period for the report.

Use a book code modifier to display budget values instead of actuals on the report. Again, this will override what is specified in the column format. In addition, you can use an attribute filter to restrict results in the row based on values for any of the available attributes:

 Working with Row Modifiers


Row modifiers allow you to expand your reporting capabilities with additional formatting and presentation options.

BKD Technologies clients can contact our Microsoft Dynamics GP support center for further assistance in using row modifiers with Management Reporter 2012.

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