Technical Tips for Management Reporter 2012 with Data Mart

Thoughtware Article Published: May 21, 2013
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  • Starting with RU3, Management Reporter 2012 includes a new “Data Mart” data provider for Dynamics GP in addition to the one included with earlier versions, which is now referred to as the “Legacy Provider.” With a few exceptions, Data Mart is Microsoft’s preferred data provider for Dynamics GP. You can read more about the functionality of the Data Mart here on the Microsoft website.
  • In order to deploy Data Mart, a functional currency must be defined in every GP company. During the Data Mart setup, it will set up all GP companies (you don’t get a choice during the installation), so the functional currency must be set up in all of them. This support article explains how to do that.
  • Because companies are created during the Data Mart setup, you cannot manually add companies to Management Reporter; any new companies you create will be integrated automatically.
  • If Management Reporter 2012 is running with the Data Mart provider, you will not be able to restore GP company databases without first stopping the Management Reporter services through the Configuration Console. The Data Mart continually reads data from GP’s company databases, preventing the exclusive use that a SQL restore needs.

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