Reporting on Total Hours & Dollars on Payroll Builds in Dynamics GP

Thoughtware Article Published: Jan 16, 2013
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Within Dynamics GP, we often get requests to make reporting on payroll builds easier so users can easily reconcile timesheet imports or time clock integrations. The payroll build report is informative, but for large payrolls, it can be 100 or more pages long and doesn’t print much summary or total information.

One way to present more summarized information on payroll builds is using SmartList Builder. SmartList Builder is an additional purchase, so please check with your partner to see if you are currently licensed for it.

SmartList Builder is located under the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu:

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu | Tools | SmartList Builder | SmartList B

This SmartList is pretty simple, with only one table included:  Payroll Work Code. The key to the SmartList is the settings under the “Options” button.

Here, we mark the “Summary SmartList” option and double-click on each of the fields to set the summary method. By setting Department, Job Title (Position), Pay Record and User ID to Group By, we will get a one-line summary for each combination of department/position/pay code in the build (payroll builds are stored by user ID). We then choose the “Sum for Total Pay” and “Units to Pay” options to get the total hours and total dollars for each summarized record.

This is a simple task, but it’s very helpful if you work with large volumes of hourly transactions.

If you’re a BKD client, please contact us for assistance creating this SmartList in SmartList Builder.

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