BKD’s Dynamics GP Twitter Tips Compilation – Part 4

Thoughtware Article Published: Dec 06, 2012
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Completing our compilation, here is the fourth article containing tips from our Microsoft Dynamics GP Twitter account (@gpinsights). This article contains our last 25 tips. We hope you enjoy.

76. Print groups of historical sales documents? Transactions | Sales | Print Sales Documents, select Print | Historical Documents
77. It’s that time of year! Make mass payroll changes to codes—Utilities | Payroll | Mass Update. Always make a backup first.
78. Create suggested purchase orders based on reorder points in inventory. Transactions | Purchasing | Purchase Order Generator
79. Place individual invoices on hold to prevent payment. Transactions | Purchasing | Holds
80. Automatically write off under/overpayments! Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Routines | Sales | Write Off Documents
81. Control home page defaults for users. Tools | Setup | System | System Preferences
82. Automatically route reports and documents to specific printers. Tools | Setup | System | Named Printers
83. Modify default maximum records and columns for SmartLists. Tools | Setup | System | SmartList Options
84. Did you know user classes can still be used to deploy shortcuts to groups of users?
85. What modules do you own? Check it out. Help | About Microsoft Dynamics GP | Options
86. Pass payroll liabilities to payables for payment. Tools | Setup | Payroll | Payables Integration | Vendors
87. Key reports for payroll reconciliation? Reports | Payroll | Quarter End, Reports | Payroll | Period End | Payroll Summary
88. Reprint a payroll check stub. Inquiry | Payroll | Employee Check
89. You can post FUTA and SUTA liabilities to the GL using Reports | Payroll | Period | Post Liabilities checkboxes.
90. In SmartList Builder, go to Options | Duplicate to create an Excel Report based on your SmartList.
91. Set up additional source document codes to track integrated journal entries. Tools | Setup | Posting | Source Documents
92. Make mass changes to your item price lists. Tools | Utilities | Inventory | Price List Utilities
93. Place an individual invoice on hold to prevent payment. Transactions | Purchasing | Holds
94. Link extender windows to existing SmartLists. Tools | Extender, open your window, click SmartList button.
95. Automatically open an extender window when the user enters/exits a field. Tools | Extender | Open your window | Options button
96. Set up a custom reminder in GP, from a SmartList with the reminder results, click Favorite | Add Favorite and Reminder.
97. Did you know you can track budgets by Analytical Accounting dimension code. Cards | Financial | Analytical Accounting | Budget
98. Backup your Management Reporter building blocks before making changes. Companies | Building Block Groups | Export
99. When using HR, calculate an employee’s first review date, assign review type to positions. Cards | Payroll | Position
100. Filter employee lookups, to specific departments and/or divisions. Setup | System | HR Preferences | Employee Filters

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