BKD’s Dynamics GP Twitter Tips Compilation – Part 3

Thoughtware Article Published: Dec 05, 2012
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Continuing our compilation, here are more tips from our Microsoft Dynamics GP Twitter account (@gpinsights). This article contains tips 51 through 75.

51. Generate multiple reports in one step in Management Reporter. File | Report Groups
52. EFT for Payables is included in your Business Ready Licensing; configure and start paying your vendors electronically!
53. Need to get started? Tools | Report Wizard in Management Reporter will guide you through the process.
54. Get ready for year-end; check your version level now. Help | About Microsoft Dynamics GP
55. Large bank reconciliation? Use eReconcile to upload reconciliation information from your bank! Included in BRL.
56. Press <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <A> in SQL Server Management Studio to see activity on the server.
57. Create your own sales document views! Inquiry | Sales | Sales Doc Inquiry
58. Activate date effective tax rates with the additional menu from Company Setup!
59. Right-click on your menu bar to add/remove toolbars
60. Create parent/child customer relationships. Cards | Sales | National Accounts
61. Do you use recurring entries in GL? Mark “Clear Recurring Amounts” on the batch to reset entry to zeros after posting.
62. Why use Unit Accounts? Track statistical amounts for financial reporting calculations. Cards | Financial | Unit Accounts
63. When installing software, use the Administrator account. Even users assigned as domain administrators can have issues.
64. Import your budget from Excel for reporting. Cards | Financial | Budgets
65. Cards | Financial | Account Currencies, Currency Translation Type field controls translation in Management Reporter.
66. Make sure you download the 2012 tax tables after you close 2011 and before your first 2012 pay run.
67. Year-end information is available straight from Microsoft. http://tinyurl.com/6tbh8bm
68. Cards | Financial | Account, Posting Type influences how an account closes at year-end.
69. Assign word templates to customers or customer classes for specific invoice formats. Reports | Template Maintenance
70. Set up your new fiscal year now. Setup | Company | Fiscal Periods. Click “Close All” to prevent accidental postings.
71. Do you use Forecaster? Use ExpressLink to import your actuals into Forecaster for reporting to budget owners!
72. Allocate from one department to many departments in Forecaster. Setup | Budgets | Allocations
73. Dimension sets in Management Reporter allow you to bundle accounts for use on many reports. Edit | Manage Dimension Sets
74. Print an edit list of 1099 information. Routines | Purchasing | Print 1099 | Printer ICON in the upper right-hand corner
75. Need to edit 1099 info? Cards | Purchasing | 1099 Details, select to display by Month

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