BKD’s Dynamics GP Twitter Tips Compilation – Part 1

Thoughtware Article Published: Dec 03, 2012
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If you aren’t following BKD Technologies on Twitter (@gpinsights), you’re missing a plethora of information in the form of Dynamics GP tips. These short posts written by our team of experienced Dynamics GP professionals give insight into tools and shortcuts to help make your work life run more smoothly.

Since 2012 is coming to a close, we thought it would be fun to reflect and compile a list of our first 100 tips uploaded to Twitter. This is the making of an annual year-end tradition at BKD. We hope you enjoy, use and refer to these tips regularly.

Here are the first 25 Microsoft Dynamics GP tips we posted on Twitter.

  1. Copy accounts to a new division/department/location, Cards | Financial | Mass Modify.
  2. Record transactions—like holidays—for a group of employees, Transactions | Payroll | Mass Transaction Entry.
  3. Make sure all FRx users have ODBC DSNs on their machines that match the one referenced on the company setup window.
  4. For best report views, use Internet Explorer with SQL Server Reporting Services. There are issues with non-IE browsers.
  5. Use Virtual PC 2007 or VMWare Workstation to create test environments for doing upgrades and customizations
  6. Install the Professional Services Tools Library for free utility tools for GP. Find more info here.
  7. Use Report Builder to create a report showing the number of checks and earnings statements the system will print.
  8. When editing properties of reports in SSRS on the website, don’t forget to click the “Apply” button to save your changes.
  9. Derived tables are a great way to develop reports in SSRS that need different columns of financial information.
  10. Track who has made a change to a master record, Tools | Setup | System | Activity Tracking.
  11. When creating Test companies, make sure you run the query to update the INTERID column in the tables.
  12. Write form letters including Dynamics GP data, Reports | Letter | Writing Assistance.
  13. File-Add to Shortcuts from a Microsoft Dynamics GP to add to the Home Page Navigation Pane (left-hand side).
  14. Still using FRx? Considered migrating to Management Reporter? http://tinyurl.com/3vrfk9s
  15. Use Extender to create SQL views for GP data that can be used for all kinds of reports.
  16. Change the names of linked tables in Access so they are more user-friendly.
  17. Want to change number of default records in Smartlist? Tools | Setup | System | Smartlist Options
  18. Default multiple AP accounts on a payables transaction, Cards | Purchasing | Vendor | Accounts |  Purchases Account ellipsis button.
  19. Need to track changes in GP? Tools | Setup | System | Activity Tracking or http://tinyurl.com/3jz8tsc.
  20. Need to mass add accounts? Cards | Financial | Mass Modify can help.
  21. Do some vendors need to be paid first? Find out who. Cards | Purchasing | Vendor | Options | Payment Priority!
  22. Changing a vendor ID, employee ID or customer ID? Professional Services Tools Library! http://tinyurl.com/3mxfcst
  23. Avoid complications with upgrades and other products and remove products no longer used from databases/dynamics.set file.
  24. Run multiple integrations in sequence, Objects | Integration Groups within Integration Manager.
  25. Use Report Models in SQL Server as a way to create new SSRS reports using Report Builder.

Follow BKD’s Dynamics GP group on Twitter, @gpinsights, for more tips to keep your work life running more smoothly. For assistance, contact BKD’s Dynamics GP Support Center.

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