Adding a “Go To” with SmartList Builder

Thoughtware Article Published: Oct 18, 2012
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With standard SmartLists in Dynamics GP, you can double-click on a record to access a related window, or you can use the “Go To” button in the upper right-hand corner to access additional related windows for the selected record.

However, if you create a new SmartList object using SmartList Builder, the Go To functionality is not created automatically. You must choose to add a Go To to your SmartList. To do this, start with the new SmartList definition in SmartList Builder (Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | SmartList Builder | SmartList Builder).

Clicking the “Go To” button opens the Go To window, where we can define any Go Tos we want to use with the selected SmartList; note the different options available for Go Tos. We will choose the “Open Form” option, as this is the most common type of Go To.

Enter a description for the Go To and select the Product/Series/Form that you want to open automatically from the SmartList. Next, add the task to pass information to the window so the correct record opens. You do this by clicking the “Add” button.

First, select the task type. In this case, we chose “Set a field value and run the field script.” This means we will pass a value to a field on the form/window, and then we will run the field script, which is like tabbing off of the field. Next, pick the field on the form/window to populate—Vendor ID. Then pick the table and value from the SmartList to pass to the form/window field.

In the example above, we are passing the Vendor ID field from the PM Transaction Open File to the Vendor ID field on the Vendor Maintenance window. Then we are tabbing off of the Vendor ID field so that the vendor’s information is pulled up in the window.

Let’s look at how this Go To works.

Note the corresponding vendor’s information is automatically pulled up when opening the Vendor Info Go To.

In addition to creating your own Go Tos, you can use the Advanced Go Tos that come with SmartList Builder. To use an Advanced Go To, begin the process like any other Go To. But when you choose “Add,” choose “Advanced Go Tos.”

There are four Advanced Go Tos available for transaction windows like the Payables Transaction Inquiry Zoom and Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom. These are windows that would not be accessible using the standard Go To functionality. Note when more than one Go To is assigned to a SmartList, you can select the Default Go To using the dropdown list at the bottom of the window. The Default Go To is the one that will open when you double-click on a record.

When you choose to add an Advanced Go To, you need to map values to the provided parameters.

For each provided parameter, we select the table and field from the SmartList to be used. In this case, the Document Type from the PM Transaction Open File will be passed to the Document Type parameter for the Go To.

Advanced Go Tos then function like a standard Go To and can be accessed in the same way:

If you want more information on adding Go Tos using SmartList Builder or need assistance, please contact us.

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