Using Dynamics GP 2010 R2 with the Microsoft Excel 2013 Preview

Thoughtware Article Published: Sep 05, 2012
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Microsoft has introduced Office 2013 Preview edition to the masses. This new edition comes with new features and a familiar but modified user interface. If you are using Office 2007 or 2010, Office 2013 will look quite familiar, as shown in the image below:

According to the official Office 2013 Preview website, here are some of the features in Excel 2013:

  •  Recommended pivot table
  •  Flash fill
  •  Recommended charts
  •  Quick analysis
  •  Post to social network
  •  Simplified sharing

Quick analysis is an interesting feature. With this feature, you can instantly create calculations, charts, formats, pivot tables and more by highlighting a range of data. You simply highlight the data and right-click the selection, and you’ll get a pop-up set of options as shown here:

For example, take the following table:

If you highlight this range and right-click or click the quick analysis button that appears at the bottom right, you can create a pivot table by selecting one of the built-in templates: 

From a Dynamics GP perspective, you’re probably aware of the integration points, but I’ll list them here in case you aren’t:

  • Excel reports
  • Exporting from SmartList and navigation lists
  • Budget Wizard

Excel Reports

The Excel reports for Dynamics GP will work without any changes with Excel 2013. Just open the file or click to view the report from the navigation list.

There is a nice feature once the data is in Excel. Once the data is exported, click the Design tab. You don’t need to highlight the data first. Select Summarize with Pivot Table. Add the information for your pivot table and there you have it.

Exporting from Dynamics GP

Just like you’ve been doing for years, simply export the SmartList or Navigation List from Dynamics GP to Excel. The workbook will open with the data as it always has.

Budget Wizard

The Excel Budget Wizard works exactly the same way.  Let’s add some functionality with Office 2013. One of the features Excel 2013 adds is sharing. If you and your colleagues have Microsoft Lync 2013, you can instantly share your budget with another person.

Click one of the two sharing buttons on the toolbar in Excel. With the Lync 2013 add-in, you can share your budget with another user in real time or via instant messaging.

Another cool way to share is the Share Workbook option. If you wanted to collaborate instantly with a colleague, click the Share Workbook option. Note:  You cannot share workbooks containing tables.

Excel 2013 is coming soon. The preview is free, but you should always install it in a test environment so you do not damage your production environment or introduce complexities into an already challenging work life. But if you’re able to get a copy of it, you’ll find that Microsoft continues to add functionality that makes the lives of Excel and Dynamics GP users easier.

For more information about using Dynamics GP with Excel 2013, please contact us.

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