Account Maintenance Options: The Forgotten Fields

Thoughtware Article Published: Jul 09, 2012
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Last week I had a client ask me about two options on the Dynamics GP Account Maintenance window (Cards | Financial | Account), and it got me thinking about how these options are often glossed over during an implementation, because they typically don’t receive heavy use until a client has been using the system for a while. So I thought I would take a moment to walk you through these two very useful fields.

Account Maintenance Window

Cards | Financial | Account

The first field is the "Inactive" checkbox to the right of the Account Number. A few notes regarding marking an account as inactive:

  1. You can do this even if an account has a balance and/or activity.
  2. Once an account is inactive, users cannot post to it.
  3. Inactive accounts are still included in the year-end closing process if they have a balance or activity.
  4. In Management Reporter, you can choose to exclude inactive accounts from a report (it is an option on the Report Definition).

Inactivating an account is a great way to discontinue use of an account that should no longer be used, as it will prevent accidental use of the account.

The second field is the "Allow Account Entry" checkbox to the right of the Account Alias. This option affects whether or not users can select the account when entering a transaction:

  1. When the option is marked, users can select or enter the account on a transaction.
  2. When the option is unmarked, users can still post to the account, but only if it defaults on a transaction.

Unmarking the option to Allow Account Entry allows you to prevent users from selecting accounts that should normally default in Dynamics GP. For example, you could unmark Allow Account Entry on your Accounts Payable accounts so that users can only use the AP accounts when they default and not in other situations, such as on a journal entry or as the expense account on a payables invoice.

This option also could be unmarked for other control accounts like Cash, Accounts Receivable or Inventory to prevent inadvertent entry, as only postings that default from the setup would be allowed for the account. This can be particularly helpful with the Cash account, as new users of the system often have to adjust to the idea that cash adjustments should go through the Bank module rather than through Journal Entries. If the "Allow Account Entry" option is unmarked for the Cash account, users only would be able to post to the Cash account when it defaults. Users would not be able to select the Cash account on a Journal Entry.

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