Upcoming Payroll Tax Updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 07, 2011
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It has been a busy year of payroll tax updates and changes, so we’re taking this opportunity to outline changes coming later this summer!

Feature of the Mid-Year Tax Update (targeted for release on June 17):

  • A code update, meaning it will have to be applied to all workstations
  • The following items are planned to be included:
    • Canadian Payroll changes and fixes
      • 60968 – Canadian Payroll Mid-Year Tax update as CSST distribute to Employer setup
      • 61566 – CPP stops during payroll at age 65 for employee should stop at age 70, according to the Canada Revenue Agency
      • 62401 – CPR Invalid Business Number for 2011
      • 62771 – GP 2010 issue only:  taxes do not calculate when including a bonus code with a regular income code
      • Waiting on final tax changes
    • U.S. Payroll fixes only
      • 62876 – 2010 Multibuild causes all employees to get checks, and DD information is lost
      • 62784 – Deductions missing from Calc based on tax settings after applying the Round 4 tax update
      • 62737 – Class ID Rolldowns still not working after applying Round 4 tax update and feature pack

Round 6 Tax Update (tentative)

  • Pending table changes
    • North Dakota (retroactive to January 1, 2011)
      • Connecticut
    • Puerto Rico
  • Once all changes are finalized, a release date will be announced
  • This may be a table-only update, meaning it will only need to be applied once

A quick reminder:  Service Pack 3 for GP 2010 is due this fall as well, either in September or October.

As always, if you have questions about the updates, please contact us.

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