Reporting Tools Setup in GP 2010 R2

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 07, 2011
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Thankfully, GP 2010 R2 offers a new way to deploy SRS and Excel reports. The GP 10 setup window usually required you to enter website information in an unfamiliar way for the SRS reports, and Excel and Data Connections were deployed via two separate tabs.

GP 2010 R2 gives administrators the ability to deploy the reports during the creation of the Dynamics database or within GP. Here, we’ll show you the setup in GP.

Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP, then “Tools,” “Setup,” “System” and “Reporting Tools Setup.”

You should see this window (Our setup has already been configured, so you will see some values):

Notice there are two tabs:

  • Reporting Services, used to deploy SSRS reports
  • Excel Reports, used to deploy Excel reports

On the Reporting Services tab, you can also configure a connection to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Reporting Services

You can select Native mode (using the SSRS website) or SharePoint Integrated. You must have SharePoint Foundation or Server already configured to deploy using the latter mode.

Enter the URL for Report Server and Report Manager. Make sure you can access the two URLs before you enter them here. You can copy and paste from Internet Explorer to these fields.

At the bottom of the window, you can select the companies for which you want to deploy reports. Notice the green checkmarks showing that the reports have been deployed successfully for Fabrikam.

Click the “Deploy Reports” button to deploy the reports for the selected companies.

Click the “Print Status Report” button to view a report showing which reports and which companies have had the reports deployed successfully.

Excel Reports

Click the “Excel Reports” tab to configure GP for the Excel reports.

Excel reports are refreshable on a network share or SharePoint site. These reports are useful for people who do not have access to GP or are constantly exporting SmartLists to Excel for analysis. You need Excel. You do not need Excel 2007 or 2010 to open the reports, but you do need the Excel 2007 compatibility pack.

Select the location for the reports.

Enter a shared folder for the reports directory for the shared items.

You can also have a folder for user-defined reports. This path enables you to store reports on user workstations.

Click the “Deploy Reports” button, which creates a folder for each company and puts the Excel files in the folders specified above, if using a network share.

Once the reports are deployed, close GP and go back into it to see the report lists.

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