Payroll Mass Transaction Entry

Thoughtware Article Published: Jun 03, 2011
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Do you ever need to:

  • Pay a class of employees with eight hours of holiday pay?
  • Record a bonus for all employees?
  • Apply a once-yearly deduction to a specific position or department?

If so, you may be interested in the Payroll Mass Transaction Entry window (Select “Transactions,” then “Payroll,” then “Mass Entry”).

This window allows you to create pay code, deduction or benefit transactions for a range of employees:

  • Enter or select the Batch ID to be used for the transactions
  • Select the Transaction Type—Pay Code, Deduction or Benefit
  • Select the corresponding code
  • Enter the transaction information:
    • Date range
    • Amount—this may be hours or dollars based on the code
    • Days worked, if available
    • Weeks worked, if available
  • Ranges
    • Choose to restrict employees included in the mass entry
    • Select by Employee ID, Employee Class, Department or Position
      • Once the range has been entered, click “Insert” to apply
  • Click the “Preview” button to view the created transactions and edit as needed
    • Transactions will only be created for employees within the range who have the selected code assigned; for deductions and benefits, it must be marked as “transaction required”
  • Click the “Build Batch” button to build the transactions
  • Click the “Transactions” button to view the transactions

If you need assistance with using the Payroll Mass Transaction Entry window, please contact us.

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