Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 2

Thoughtware Alert Published: Apr 06, 2020
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In these times of remote working, getting information from the system can be challenging. This article will help you improve access by teaching you how to use Management Reporter for remote users.

Management Reporter has been around for a while, which means you’re probably familiar with its icon on your Windows desktop or accessing it from within GP.

You may need to enable access to reports for your remote users who don’t have GP, Report Designer or Report Viewer. Here’s how.

Send a Link within Report Viewer

Unfortunately, you can’t submit email addresses and automatically push reports to users like you could in FRx. You can, however, send a link when viewing a report within Report Viewer.

Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 2 – Image 1

When you select this option, you’ll generate an email message like the example below.

Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 2 – Image 2

Notice the message contains a link. Unfortunately, this means recipients require a way to access the content. There are a couple of options. The first requires using a VPN and the second involves setting up a secure website.

Microsoft released an article, available from CustomerSource, on how to set up a secure website for viewing Management Reporter reports. You’ll need Cumulative Update 16.

Use SharePoint

Another option is SharePoint. Most SharePoint users access it through Office 365 rather than through an on-premise solution. Because of this, there are some steps you need to take. For example, Office 365 must be integrated with your local Windows domain. BKD Technologies can discuss this option with you. Another option is linking a document library to a report.

Once you integrate SharePoint with your domain, use the option shown on the right of the image below to enter the SharePoint library.

Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 2 – Image 3


With Management Reporter, you have options for sharing reports with remote users. You can share links via email and upload reports to SharePoint. By using one of these options, in addition to providing VPN access, your remote users can access their reports.

If you have questions on this topic, reach out to your BKD Trusted Advisor™ or submit the Contact Us form below.

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