Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 1

Thoughtware Alert Published: Apr 06, 2020
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As many people work remotely these days, the need to take advantage of what your system provides is important. This article provides some helpful advice on how to leverage tools you already have but may not have implemented. It also mentions features that can help if you need more remote abilities.

There are multiple Dynamics GP reporting options that may help remote users.

  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Management Reporter
  • OData and Power BI

This article will examine the first option. Successive write-ups will consider the others.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SSRS is a reporting component that ships with SQL Server, the database system on which Dynamics GP relies. All your GP data is stored in SQL Server databases. SSRS is a component you can use to report on that data.

SSRS must be installed and configured. Often, it’s installed as part of the Dynamics GP implementation process. Sometimes, it isn’t.

Once SSRS is installed and configured, including security, you can deploy a host of default reports for GP. This process is done using the Reporting Tools Setup window within GP’s Administration page.

This page can help you deploy reports and set up Dynamics GP, so users can access the reports within GP. However, this step is not required to access the reports. The reports also are accessible by navigating to the URL specified in the Report Manager URL field.

Once the reports are published and GP is configured, you can access them from within GP by going to the Navigation pane and selecting Reporting Services Reports from within a series.

Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 1 – Image 1

When you double-click one of these items, you’ll go to a browser. Please note that IE and Edge seem to work best, but Chrome and Firefox also are usable. There may be some security or setup considerations when using Chrome and Firefox.

Here is the Report Manager website, which can be accessed outside of GP.

Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 1 – Image 2

Reports can be viewed, downloaded to multiple formats and even printed!

Dynamics GP Reporting for Remote Users – Part 1 – Image 3

In addition, SSRS provides a subscription function so users can subscribe to reports and receive them via e-mail or as links to a file on the network.

Report Creation

SSRS also features a tool called Report Builder for creating and editing reports. Training is available from BKD, GPUG and others via the internet.


Users must have the ability to access the network where the SSRS report server is running. This is possible by using a VPN. If GP is in the cloud, users also can access the network from there. Lastly, users can subscribe to reports and have them sent via email (if their server is configured for email).


Of course, there’s always something. GP users already have a license to access the reports because they need a SQL license anyway. If you’re considering opening the system to others, you may need to purchase licenses for them.


You have a great reporting application called SSRS available for your use. Enable remote users to log onto your network to access reports or use subscriptions to send them via email.

If you would like more details, please contact your BKD Trusted Advisor™ or use the Contact Us form below.

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