Woodlawn Hospital

Dave Cholger
Job Title
Chief Financial Officer
Organization Location
Rochester, IN

Resolving Ransomware Crisis & Addressing Network Vulnerabilities

“In my 40-plus years in healthcare, I have never encountered disruption as serious as the ransomware that struck Woodlawn Hospital. The BKD team dispatched to address this attack included forensics and IT Risk Services specialists. I was impressed by their professionalism and respect as they interacted with and interviewed our staff and identified risk areas. The team demonstrated a high level of competency in helping us resolve this highly concerning and disruptive situation."

"The reports BKD forensics and IT Risk Services developed were data-driven, factual and actionable. Woodlawn used those reports as a tool for the organization to identify low-, moderate- and high-risk areas, and we developed effective corrective plans to improve our processes. This resource also was useful to our board as part of the education plan developed to identify and address vulnerabilities and security concerns. ..."

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