Wickenburg Community Hospital

James F. Tavary
Job Title
President & Chief Executive Officer
Organization Location
Wickenburg, AZ
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BKD Study Aids Building Project

“Wickenburg Community Hospital has utilized the services of Baird, Kurtz & Dobson [now BKD, LLP] for over 14 years in a variety of ways and on mission-critical projects and initiatives. In every case, the level of service has been absolutely outstanding. Their team of professionals has never failed to deliver anything less than optimal service on a timely and accurate basis. Recently, we engaged BKD to develop a financial forecast and feasibility study around a proposed new building project. This study was the centerpiece in a complex loan application to the United States Department of Agriculture. There is no question that BKD staff’s eye for detail and penchant for well researched data made a significant contribution to our application being accepted. Construction starts in 20 days! I strongly recommend BKD to your organization. You won’t be disappointed!”

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