Wagner-Meinert, LLC

Wagner-Meinert, LLC
Joseph K. Deeter
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Chief Financial Officer
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Fort Wayne, IN
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BKD Exceeds Expectations for Industrial Contractor Through Construction Expertise

Being in the construction industry, accurate and timely financial statements are a critical need for Wagner-Meinert, LLC. With BKD, they realized what having a trusted advisor truly meant.

“Knowing there are many good CPA firms across the country, it is very important to me as well as all of our management team at Wagner-Meinert, that the firm we work with has a great reputation and long history in providing audit, tax, and management consulting services in the construction industry to many clients our size and larger. This industry expertise is critical when it comes to my company having a strong comfort level with the financial statements our CPA firm prepares. Many stakeholders rely on our financial statements, and having a CPA firm that is highly regarded in the industry, such as BKD, who places their name on the audited financial statements for Wagner-Meinert, is our number one priority.”

“We have found our BKD team to be professional, very friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. As CFO, I rely on BKD to be my outside experts and keep me informed on new audit and tax issues, as well as bringing ideas on changing regulations, both tax and GAAP, which can provide cost savings for us. BKD has done a great job in not only meeting but exceeded our expectations as to what a trusted advisor really is.”

Wagner-Meinert, LLC could rely on BKD for their tax, audit, and employee benefit plan needs. Regardless of the challenge, we rose to the occasion to demonstrate our commitment to the construction industry. Our clients understand that we routinely go above and beyond with the services we provide.

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