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Jim Greenwood
Job Title
President & CEO
Organization Location
Houston, TX

Partner Made Timely Reporting & Client Networking a Priority

Vision Source is a Houston-based network of independent optometrists who provide advanced eye care throughout the United States. With a business model that relies on organic growth and adding new franchisees, the 26-year-old company needed an accounting firm that could complete the annual audit work on schedule without interrupting business flow.

President and CEO Jim Greenwood said Vision Source’s former accounting firm didn’t value the importance of deadlines or partner engagement.

All that changed when Vision Source began working with BKD. Greenwood appreciated how BKD’s understanding and respect for his company’s business model enabled the firm to consistently deliver annual reports in a timely manner. The CEO also was grateful for the personal attention and depth of experience he received from BKD’s leaders. An added benefit was the firm’s willingness to help connect Vision Source with other BKD health care clients.

When Vision Source was acquired by another company, BKD’s expertise was front and center, helping expedite the due diligence process. That clear-sighted commitment to unmatched client service is why BKD remains the company’s auditor today.

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