Scott Wasserman
Job Title
President & Chief Executive Officer
Organization Location
Kansas City, KS
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Putting Safeguards in Place to Protect Against Cyber Risk

“With the prevalence of cyber risk in our world today, we choose to take a proactive approach in identifying and mitigating such risks. For us, it is incredibly important we reinforce the confidence of our donor base, as well as protecting the sensitive information of our supporters, employees and the families we serve."

"The confidence and relationship we had built with BKD from prior audit engagements played a big part in us selecting them to do this work for us. They genuinely understand our work and demonstrate a sincere interest in providing services that are helpful to us."

"BKD provided specific and practical suggestions on how to mitigate risks for our organization. We have created an implementation plan based on those suggestions and our processes and are now reporting the results to our board. Our management has always had a great relationship with our board, but this engagement has improved and solidified our relationship with them."

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