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Developer Finds Value in BKD’s Real Estate Expertise & Proactive Solutions

When Sallee Development began to outgrow their current firm, they turned to BKD. They needed the support of a larger firm with deep industry knowledge and a variety of services that could help them scale.

“We had been with a local provider for a long time, but as we started growing, we needed a larger firm that could assist us with our needs. We researched and met with several firms, and since our business is real estate, from top to bottom, we chose BKD for its trusted advisors who have deep expertise in real estate.”

“We are not doing business any different than we have for the last 30 years, but BKD has helped us put a magnifying glass to our business strategy and tax planning and helped us find practical ways to save dollars.”

“We previously had accountants who thought like accountants. Having accountants who think like business owners and understand how we make decisions that affect real dollars makes a difference. We consider the BKD team our trusted advisors.”

“There are so many tax savings opportunities, such as cost segregation studies and 45L credit studies, that are baked into what we were doing in real estate, but we were unaware we could have these tax savings opportunities until our BKD advisors brought them to our attention.”

“The BKD services of cost segregation studies and 45L credit studies have been key to the properties we invest in.”

“We are a family business and working with BKD has been wonderful for our business and our families. It’s been a nice change of pace because the BKD team understands us and our real estate business and helps us navigate challenges and opportunities.”

“For 28 years we were in a tunnel. Then, the BKD team helped us with tax planning and tax foresight and helped us come out of the tunnel into the light. As a business owner, it’s important to know what kind of obligations you have and what tools you need to assist with those obligations. Thanks to the BKD team, we know what we’re doing ahead of time and where we stand from day to day, month to month, and quarter to quarter. When we make decisions, we can now look at how they affect the business and how we can drive at solutions.”  

“To be able to have advisors who have your best interest in mind is a real benefit. We are business owners and entrepreneurs and we like to have someone who challenges us, and our BKD advisors challenge us in a positive way.”  

“Our BKD advisors are there to answer questions from us and our team. Their responses and timeliness are outstanding. We are often out making business decisions or looking at properties and opportunities, and we can ask questions of our BKD advisors and get a timely response.”

“Our BKD advisors take a collaborative approach to serving us as their client. It’s nice to have the BKD team as a backboard to bounce ideas off and get real time responses.”

“Our BKD advisors understand they are serving business owners so when we meet, it’s productive and doesn’t last long, which I really appreciate. We cover a lot in a short period of time. I love that about the BKD team.”

“I would tell other real estate executives that if you want to do something greater than you are doing now, you need to talk to BKD. You may have no idea of the tax savings opportunities that are out there, and the BKD team will educate you and bring proactive solutions to help you make better business decisions.”

Our forward-thinking approach helped us to better understand their current and future needs. It was this proactiveness that Sallee Development sought and found with BKD. We weren’t just an accounting firm; we helped empower them to make good business decisions. Through a variety of services like tax, cost segregation, and outsourced accounting, we helped provide Sallee Development the support they needed to grow their business.

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