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Small Business Receives Trusted Tax Support & Outsourced Accounting Services for Nearly a Century

When George Newton opened his second Newton’s Jewelers store in Joplin, Missouri, in 1939, he took a local recommendation and visited CPA Claire Dobson at Baird, Kurtz & Dobson. More than 75 years later, Newton’s Jewelers still sells high-quality jewelry from its store on the corner of 5th and Main streets, and the firm Dobson co-founded—now national CPA and advisory firm BKD—still serves the business’s accounting needs.

“BKD has always been good to us and answered what we needed answered. They’ve taken care of us all this time, and that’s why we’ve stayed with them.

“My dad always said if you have someone good behind you like that, that you likely will have less problems.”

“Once you earn trust and you see performance, you stick with it. If it’s not broken, you don’t fix it.”

“We’ve been very fortunate all of our lives. We’ve run a good, straight, honest business—the same as BKD. Newton’s Jewelers has gone 100 years now, and I’d like to see it go 200 years.”

George’s son, Bunny Newton, now owns the Joplin store and says he’s never seriously considered working with another accounting firm. BKD provides a range of services for the company, from outsourced accounting to tax preparation and even assistance during the one occasion the company was audited by the IRS.

The Newton family’s trust in BKD goes beyond the business as well: Bunny, as well as his son and grandson, all use the firm for their personal tax work. Learn the full story by reading this article from our magazine, BKD Life®.

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