KC Bell, Inc.

KC Bell Inc
Travis Jasnoski
Job Title
Chief Financial Officer
Organization Location
Wichita, Kansas

Multiunit Restaurant Franchisee Receives Quality Service & Proactive Communication from BKD

Longtime client KC Bell understood the value of a firm like BKD. When it came to tax, audit, and other accounting or consulting topics, we were a great fit for this growing restaurant franchisee.

“It is important for KC Bell to invest in interior improvements and remodeling of our restaurants. BKD stayed abreast of related tax legislation and when the Remodel-Refresh Safe Harbor regulations were passed, we were able to take advantage of increased expensing for qualified expenditures on our properties. This resulted in increased tax savings for the owners of our company.”

“It is vital to have accounting advisors you can trust, especially when it comes to the constantly evolving area of taxes. BKD does a good job of tracking and understanding our industry. They inform us of regulatory and tax changes and assist in taking advantage of any tax savings. They accomplish this while also keeping us compliant. This allows us to stay focused on operating our business.”

Our deep industry knowledge enabled us to help guide them through various tax law changes while maintaining compliance. Throughout our relationship, we’ve proven the value of having a BKD Trusted Advisor™. In the case of KC Bell, they benefited from our expertise in tax, audit, and employee benefit plans. Regardless of the challenges they’ve faced, BKD has been there to provide trusted advice.

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