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Involved Partners Who Understand Commodities

"... Italgrani USA was founded in 1979 and employs 110 people in the U.S. The company is a privately owned grain origination and milling company that turns durum wheat into semolina flour for the pasta industry.

President Jim Meyer says his company’s financial outlook is based on a naturally growing commodity, which means every growing season is different. Prices of supplies can change dramatically based on weather and supply, and those changes can affect the company’s balance sheet and profitability.

So when Italgrani USA was considering new alternatives for its audit and tax services, it needed a firm that had the skill set to handle all of the potential fluctuations while operating with a similar philosophy and approach to business. Throw in the unique challenges that come from international ownership and the issue could be daunting. But BKD was up to the task.

Meyer says he enjoys the high level of partner involvement in the company’s work and BKD partners’ willingness to answer questions throughout the year, whenever issues might arise. In the end, he says he is confident that whatever happens, BKD is the firm he can trust to help his company find the right solutions. ..."

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